In the Monday issue of DN a Swiss company called Pictet Funds has reportedly started a special investment fund, Premium Brands, that only specializing on well, premium brands. As for shopping, they don’t advise against buying any items that carry a premium brand in the first place since the brand and image guarantees that the product will have a certain standard regardless of what. The article goes on to tell that Armani, Prada, Cartier and Italian Bulgari beside the Swedish Absolute Vodka touch a soft spot with the Swedish investment company’s official. Personally, I would never have forgotten Louis Vuitton in a list of my own favorite brands.


The bag: Louis Vuitton Damier Utzés

My outfit for a shopping sunday.

  • Simple t-shirt in beige
  • Wool pants from MNG
  • LV, Damier Utzés tote
  • Coach ballerinas in crackled patent leather, bronze
  • Turquoise earrings set in silver

  • Top with turquoise earrings


    Close up on the pants