Paco GIl suede wedge heels, Louis Vuitton Vernis Mott, Louis Vuitton Multicolore, Nokia

Paco Gil wooden wedge suedes that puts a little Spain in the Swedish autumn.
Photos © Cheryl M. Cordeiro-Nilsson for CMC, 2009

It is more yellows and reds these days on the ground and in the air, than the bright greens of a few months ago, and the guitar instrumentals of Michael Mucklow’s Joy and Govi’s Carioca Cat brings home a certain longing to be in Europe’s south, where the warmth lingers on just a little while longer than in its north.

Paco Gil brown suede wood wedge heels

The colours of these accessories is a reminiscent of a season past and of its events. These nubuck wedges remind me of the warmer weather of late summer, a little beach, a little Côte d’Azur, nevermind that it’s actually Spanish made!

Paco Gil wedges shoes heels, Louis Vuitton Vernis Mott with shoulder strap

I appreciate the form of a Paco Gil. The cutting for this pair of shoes run large by half a size, which is appreciated because it allows for it to be worn with a warm pair of wool-blend tights for the cooler mid-autumn days. A chiffon dress, layered over a pair of tights, this bag, these shoes, a light evening jacket – a perfect ensemble out for the weekend, while the weather permits!

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