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The Vernis line for Louis Vuitton was created in 1998 by Marc Jacobs. This pale yellow Mott is now out of production in terms of colour, but Louis Vuitton is always coming up with juicier colours and you may find a variant of this colour in stores in the near future.

I believe in the beginning, Louis Vuitton had a problem with producing Vernis leather that was resistant to colour transfers. So the yellow Mott that you see above is quite likely to discolour if treated unkindly i.e. left on plastic bag surfaces, next to a magazine that could well transfer its colour onto a bag or even when put against jeans whose colour tend to run etc. The lighter the Vernis, the harder the keep. And admittedly, this bag is very difficult to keep happy, so you need just that extra bit of attention when carrying this one out! In fact, this bag does have a few tiny blue ink spots on it, though those ink spots refuse to show themselves in these pictures. The above pictures were taken in natural daylight, without flash, with the bag simply sitting near the window with a little sunlight on it.

Still, I love the Mott for its versatility, the size being just right for that luncheon with friends and because of the gleam of the Vernis leather, this bag will take you right into your night out, be it a dinner or a night at the club!

Some features of this bag that I appreicate:

  • You can carry it on the shoulder – I tend to favour hands-free bags.
  • The strap is detachable, so you can carry it as a clutch. You can alternatively, purchase a longer sling shoulder strap so you can wear it across your body to make it more so hands-free.
  • The outside pocket snap pocket is ever handy for items that you reach most often when you’re out, whether it’s your bus-ticket, parking ticket or your lipgloss.
  • The bag has a classic shape that complements most wardrobes, and as mentioned, the various ways you can carry this bag makes it also a plus for most wardrobes.
  • While susceptible to colour transfer, this bag is waterproof!

As with most Louis Vuitton handbags and bags, this Mott has strict clean lines that will keep its shape even when overstuffed with items. Deceptively slim, it holds a mobile phone, an ipod, a 5″x5″ wallet, lipgloss (in the shape of Chanel glossimers) and a packet of tissue paper all at the same time, excluding what you will have on the outer snap pocket.

Some described features of this bag:

  • Monogram-embossed patent leather
  • Zipper closure
  • Golden hardware
  • Removable thin natural cowhide shoulder or wrist strap
  • Exterior pocket with snap closure
  • Dimensions are 6.5″ x 7.1″ x 2,2″
  • Catalog reference: M91136

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