In the early summer sun.
Text and Photo © JE Nilsson and CM Cordeiro 2012

It was in 2010 that Marc Jacobs brought nostalgia with hints of the 70s back into fashion, hot on the runways. Today in 2012, the the flavour of the 70s are still in on the runways from Diesel to Halston, whilst Louis Vuitton Fall 2012 makes romantic the long train voyages of the 1920s in reminiscence of a time that was in reality, filled with great uncertainty – such is the magic of fashion, to take viewers into a completely different world, even if briefly.

From New York, one of my favourites is Prabal Gurung Fall 2012, with elements of futurism in the slick materials, some with a flavour of the 70s that included bell bottoms, belted waists and A-line skirts to the knee.

Outfit: vintage print dress, crocheted bolero by DKNY, Louis Vuitton Manhattan PM bag, Chloé strappy sandals with stacked wooden heels, and pearls on a string, with a diamond clasp.

Early summer and this is the time in Sweden when college or pre-university graduations are held all around the city, the graduates donning mostly white outfits. Heavy winter coats are sheleved and in place, lighter summer clothes, no matter if the temperatures hover at ca. 14C outdoors – still chilly for someone from the tropics such as myself.

While I have been always reluctant to shelve my winter jackets too early, I gave in to the beckoning sunshine today with a vintage print dress, a crocheted bolero shrug and strappy sandals.

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