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The Epi Mabillon has been described as

The world’s chicest backback, Louis Vuitton’s elegant Mabillon is a lovely, hands-free alternative to a city bag. Ideal for busy lifestyles, with a full double-zip closure, comfortable straps, and hidden outside pocket.

Personally, this is one of my favourite bags to carry. It measures 23 cm W x 28 cm H x 7.5 cm D and at first I thought it too small to be practical. Or at least on the small side as city bags go.

Well, there won’t be room enough for a major shopping spree if that’s your plan but it does allow for you to go hands free since it is a backpack. And yes, I agree that it is a very chic looking backpack! No kiddy or unsophisticated looks with this, the silhouette it gives is rather sleek and elegant.

I like bags with an outer zipper and this one qualifies. The zippered outer pocket allows instant access to what you reach for most often from your bag. Looking deceptively flat – and sleek – from the outside, the zippered outer pocket is large enough to store your mobile phone.

Created in 1985, the Epi leather range is made out of tough and long lasting leather, so bags from this range will generally take quite a beating before showing any signs of wear. The Epi leather is also scratch proof and water resistant, so no sweat if you’re caught in the rain with this bag. You can also quickly swipe off any food spills that occur, with tissue or a wet cloth.

This bag is large enough to fit a foldable umbrella and a bottle of mineral water. It can also fit small A5 sized notebooks or documents. Its size allows you to go from day to night. It won’t make too dressy an evening bag but it won’t destroy your evening look either; the smooth and weighted Epi leather will see to that.

Mocha is one of my favourite colours for Louis Vuitton bags. This same mocha colour, which is a dark rich chocolate brown deliciously reminding me of sinful molten chocolate, runs through the Damier canvas and the Monogram canvas.

Of the Epi range, I also like yellow and mandarin for colours. Yellow Epis are always coupled with yummy purple alcantara! And there is something about the mandarin that always brightens my day.

The Mabillon bag features

  • Epi textured leather with extra-smooth leather trim
  • Silver hardware
  • Alcantara lining with inside zipped pocket
  • Double zip-around closure with protective side flaps
  • Adjustable buckled shoulder straps
  • Hidden exterior zipped pocket
  • Louis Vuitton catalogue #M5223D

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