Cheryl Marie Cordeiro, Filippa K dress, Louis Vuitton Suhali L'Impétueux 2.

Autumn outfit: dress is by Swedish designer Filippa K and wool shawl by Naples born Italian designer Isabel Benenato.
Photo © J E Nilsson and C M Cordeiro-Nilsson for CMC 2010

These pictures were taken a few days ago, after which the Swedish west coast turned grey, stormy and with winds so strong the trees needed effort to stay rooted and keep their last red-gold leaves of the season, if not only for decorating themselves.

Cheryl Marie Cordeiro, Isabel Benenato wool wrap shawl, back.

The green fabric belt with gold buckles in the outfit is a find from a vintage store here in Sweden.

From the pictures, you’ll also see the characteristic colours of autumn displayed in yellows, browns, reds and gold. The low rays of the sun at this time of year helps cast an over glow of gold on everything it touches. There are however, other complementary colours of autumn that we see here in Scandinavia, particularly in Swedish design houses such as Filippa K that favour shades of beige, grey, blue and black for autumn as shown in their Autumn 2010 Lookbook, with some exceptions, the sheer gathered dress I’m wearing can be found in lilac.

Cheryl Marie Cordeiro, Isabel Benenato wool shawl wrap.

Suede wooden platform heels, Zara.

Already late in the season it is not too early for pure, luxe wool shawls. This shawl by Isabel Benenato has become one of my favourites to pull out when out and about.

Filippa K dress and Louis Vuitton Suhali L'Impétueux

Louis Vuitton Suhali L’Impetueux in white.

Natural fur, autumn grey. Norwegian Forest Cat.

Cat appeared as a fashion statement of his own showing that natural grey fur is indeed fashionable this year too – not only does grey complement the winter landscape, but fur is also just one of the warmest things to wear in the upcoming colder months.

The thing about Isabel Benenato that attracts me is how she expresses herself in her understanding of the fabrics used in her designs, as expressed in her video for SS11.

Cheryl Marie Cordeiro, Isabel Benenato shawl, portrait.

Abstract, strong, minimalistic and innovative, it isn’t enough to just look at Benenato’s dresses or outfits hanging untouched – you just have to reach out, grab it, feel it, use it. And more so, find your own expression for it as a wearer.

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