Pringle of Scotland cardigan

A picture here from my London trip about two weeks ago. By the way, all pictures from my London trip were taken by a mobile phone, the Sony Ericsson 810i. Here, I’m at Pringle of Scotland along Bond Street. I was totally blown away by the baby down softness of this white, plush cardigan.


Me with the cardigan ON! What I like about it is that the design doesn’t overwhelm my small frame – an important feature when choosing clothes for a tiny framed person. I like how it’s bubbly sleeves or lantern sleeves falls out and creates an interesting silhouette but doesn’t take too much attention away from the person wearing it. I dislike clothes who wear the person.

I also like that the mohair doesn’t itch like cheaper versions. Speaking about prices, what I’m wearing costs a cool £800.

Got cash? Then this would be a splendid way to pamper yourself this autumn!

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