Still in London, Bond Street…

I spotted Miu Miu just across the street, somewhere down from Pringle of Scotland. I’ve been looking for a red coat FOREVER – literally, a few years now. And I’ve been eyeing THIS schoolgirl kickpleat red coat from Miu Miu.


The entire Miu Miu autumn collection was inspired by school uniforms and I thought it ideal! I love girly lolita style clothes and school uniform inspired items suited me perfect!

I donned this coat with enthusiasm, only to find that again, it was too large. It was in size IT 38! Which was indeed the smallest they had.

I began to realize that this was not my day indeed. I was truly disappointed here too because first, I love Italian made clothes and second, Italian sizes are what actually FIT ME in Europe. They are all I ever go for when shopping in Sweden because all other cuttings are just that wee bit too large. I think you can see my disappointment in my eyes in the mirror.

A practical consideration. I noticed that the sleeves on this coat did not cover my wrists. This means that it’ll be a cold coat. I do like coats that have a longer sleeve length because I can just pull it that extra bit over my gloves during winter for that extra bit of needed warmth.

And I thought I could’ve worn them with these Miu Mius I have. Disappointing.


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