I would love to myself!

There was a time for me when the concept of ‘animal print’ clothing brought to mind images such as these shirts and blouses below, and made me cringe.


Animal prints that my grand-aunt Bertil would wear

Those tops are by the way, still for sale these days if you browse ebay or perhaps take a walk along a neighbourhood / satellite town store in Singapore?

For the longest time, wanting to avoid looking like grand-aunt Bertil, I stayed away from buying anything that resembled animal prints, right down to clothes with polka dots because they reminded me (close enough) of leopard spots.

But with D&G’s fall 2007 collection and with Roberto Cavalli’s H&M launch here in Sweden not too long ago, I began once again, with different eyes, to look at clothes with animal prints

And I must say, I am absolutely blown away!


The catwalks today. Pictures from

Materials are getting more luxurious with furs in animal print and lighter, with silks and chiffons sweeping varying lengths from ankles to thighs.

In the modern take of animal print designs, I particularly like the empire line, pleats and babydoll cuts on animals prints since these elements in the composition are in themselves deictic of the ‘young girl’ or even the ‘little girl’. When combined, the message certainly brings out sexy and irresistible lolita risqué!

I do love Roberto Cavalli, although I sometimes think his designs flatter more, the mature figure. Still, in his H&M collection, I would have little problems seeing myself wearing these two dresses. I’m not too crazy about the long sleeves on the wrap dress, but perhaps it works for winter, coupled with the short swingy skirt?


H&M collection, by Roberto Cavalli

Eitherways, designers such as Fendi, D&G and Cavalli have inspired me to look at animal prints in new light – and I’m loving it!

I still stay away from clothes with polka dots, though.

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