• Black long sleeved stringbody top, Wolford
  • Red pleated skirt, vintage
  • Black patent belt, Ann Taylor
  • Graphite cotton tights, Lindex

A little bit of Sunday fun and cheer – I decided to find out what a pleated skirt would look like “in movement”, captured on a picture. A perfectly useless ‘research question’, in line with so many other research questions *wry smile*; but it’s the doing and the finding out that’s fun, so that’s exactly what I tried to do – to capture this pleated skirt in movement and to answer the absolute frivolous question, how different does a half pleated skirt look in twirling from a full circle skirt?

These pictures were taken by myself, on auto-timed camera. In fact, many of the pictures from the “daily outfits” section show auto-timed camera pictures.

I knew of course that this red pleated skirt wouldn’t give as wide a sweep as a full circle skirt, but after capturing it on the camera, I’d say it doesn’t do that bad when twirling in it. Not absolutely romantic like Audrey Hepburn’s wedding dress in Funny Face, but more charming than I thought it would be.


Fred Astaire and Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face, 1957.

The dress on Audrey Hepburn is not the wedding dress in the show but the full skirted design I had in mind for comparison is similar.

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