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St. Tropez is characterised by narrow streets that lead straight to the Riviera front.
Text & Photo © JE Nilsson, CM Cordeiro-Nilsson 2008

Located on the French Riviera, the ancient town of Saint-Tropez is as beautiful in the day as it is in the night when the coastal stretch is lit in what seems like a mellow glow of romantic amber against the velvet navy of the ocean and night sky, nothing that reminds of its intriguing and turbulent history from the time of Nero and the Roman Empire.

Having somewhat been at the cross-roads of all sorts of trade and warfare, it was here in this town that was said that France had first contact with the Japanese in September of 1615, obliged to spend the time in St. Tropez due to bad weather conditions, when the Japanese were en route to Rome.

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Quai Jean Jaurès

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The cobbled, narrow streets in the heart of this town encourages scooters as main transport mode. Fast, efficient and a perfect fit to the ambience of the place.

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Shopping heaven.

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The perfect rounding off of the evening in a café found in the surrounding area of Places des Lices!

Perhaps its the constant roll of Ferraris and Porches that you see on the main streets of this town, or the numerous scooters that skim past the hem of your skirt at hair’s breath distance from you that makes you feel the energy vibes even as you walk the ochre cobbled streets in the heart of the inner town.

Quiet, is not the word that describes this town, especially at sundown.

Large luxurious yachts dock at Quai Jean Jaurès, just metres from rows of beautiful restaurants, rendering a sight as unique as intriguing in terms of defining global luxe and a lifestyle.

But quiet, is closest got under the plane trees in the square of Places des Lices where you’ll find older men playing boules as evening entertainment, or watch children run and play catch in the middle of the sandy square.

It is here that you can sit and listen to some live jazz from the cafés and pubs that serve up some nice cold beer and French cuisine – anything might do come evening – along the Côte d’Azur. Drinking of course, to Saint Torpès.