A 1960s classic way to wear the scarf on the head, as Audrey Hepburn, Jacqueline Kennedy, Grace Kelly, Queen Elizabeth II, Gina Lollobrigida etc. wore it.

I was introduced to the scarf (actually, a cotton bandanna) in my teens when I received one as a gift. I used it the most fashionable way possible then, like all my other girlfriends and that was to tie it around the ponytail. When meeting up with girlfriends, we’d say, “Turn around! Let me see!” and then it’ll either be “Wah! Pretty!” or “Oh.” meaning, it wasn’t such a rave review for the bandanna. We also wore bandannas around our necks cowboy style, a style I prefer not to don these days.

I’ve had the opportunity to collect many bandannas and scarfs of all types of materials over the years and I find the silk scarf to be one of the most versatile of pieces. The gossamer soft and sleek material allows for varied styles and uses, whether over the head, shoulders, waist or tied to a bag.

The silk scarf with a biker chic twist.

Though the Harley Davidson look above, is more commonly achieved with cotton bandannas, the silk scarf can also be used to create this look. While it’s a variation in use, this tougher biker-look admittedly isn’t one of my favourites.

The thumbnails below show some variations on the use of the silk scarf as accessory. Click on the thumbnails for a larger view of the pictures.

Left and Right: Pictures showing a silk scarf tied to a knot at the nape of the neck. The hair is bunned under the scarf.

Variations in style, of the scarf accessory on the bag. Left: The scarf loosely draped on the bag. Right: The scarf tied around the handle of the bag.

Left: Scarf loosely draped around the shoulders, shawl-style, though hard to keep in place and tempting to simply wrap it around the neck. Right: Scarf around the waist as accent to the outfit.

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