Louis Vuitton Minna Street in Framboise, small sling bag.

Louis Vuitton Minna Street in framboise monogram vernis.

I am not one for small bags and neither are most of my girlfriends, most of whom were schoolmates from more than a decade ago. The preference for larger bags probably came about through functionality and the practically of having a bag big enough to accommodate our daily items. When in school for example, it was all about carrying textbooks, exercise books, gym wear and whatever else you needed for the day. So big bags the likes of weekend carryalls were always the talking point for us girls back then. Once school days were over, shopping (a Singaporean hobby) took over and big bags continued to be popular for us, where I’ve often found myself sitting and chatting with my girlfriends over the latest carryall that could most fashionably hold our daily essentials and bought items.

This Louis Vuitton vernis monogram Minna Street in raspberry pink or framboise, is not a big bag. In fact, it’s so compact, you can hardly fit its matching vernis Koala wallet into it and think to find room to put your keys in too. It does however, contain a roomier main compartment than the slimmer, more rectangular vernis Mott that has a flap closure outer pocket (see ref. 1. Mott review, 2. Mott outfit, 3. Mott in background).

Louis Vuitton monogram Vernis, Minna Street in framboise raspberry.

The Minna Street was produced by Louis Vuitton in 2006/7 and continued to sell through early 2008, coming in colours such as Pearl, an irridescent white, Noisette, which is the colour of cafe latte, quite close to what some might call a nude today, and Framboise or a raspberry pink. Measuring 8.7” x 6.1” x 3.1”, it is a small sling bag that can be worn across the body or slung over the shoulder.

Louis Vuitton Minna Street in raspbery, framboise, patent leather sling bag

Whether due to lifestyle changes or a change in preferences, this bag is today, the one that I find most convenient to ‘grab and go’ when I’m not headed to work. It keeps your hands free for grocery shopping during the weekends and the bag holds all basic necessities from tram tickets to keys and a small daily diary for notes.

Louis Vuitton monogram vernis Minna Street in framboise, raspberry, golden brass hardware.

Being small and light weight enough to pack into the luggage and convenient enough to forget that it’s slung across the body when on the move, I’ve also found the Minna Street to come in handy when travelling and sightseeing.

The Minna Street features:

  • Monogram Vernis embossed patent leather with natural cowhide trimmings
  • Golden Brass Hardware
  • Long, adjustable strap
  • Exterior patch pocket
  • Interior patch pocket
  • Zip Closure
  • Date code: M10026

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