Nurul's pandan chiffon cake, one of Singapore's favourite chiffon cakes.

Pandan chiffon cake, by Nurul.
Photo © Cheryl M. Cordeiro-Nilsson for CMC 2010

The Pandan Chiffon Cake is a staple on the Singapore culinary scene, hitting right at the heart of the kampong and its people, so to speak. I grew up eating it at breakfast, tea-time and possibly any other time of the day in between full meals. Because it’s so lightly textured, it’s not unusual for fans of these chiffon cakes to finish about half of a cake before noticing what has happened, guilty that they hadn’t shared more of it with other guests at the table.

This gorgeous looking, moist, light and spongey pandan chiffon cake featured here, is not mine. It was baked and given to us by a family friend of ours named, Nurul.

In fact, my efforts at the pandan chiffon cake some time ago, are embarassing compared to Nurul’s putting together chiffon cakes of several kinds, for which she seems to have an effortless flair for.

Nurul's pandan chiffon cake, made with coconut milk and extract of pandan leaves, Singapore.

Perfect crust and texture. And soon gone!

I would have loved to be able to post a picture of the entire cake so you could have seen the even shape, the perfect crust and the even coloring. From the cake, the aroma of the pandan leaves is fantastic! But honestly, it was basically gone before I had a chance to bring out my camera and this, would be the last few pieces of what is left.

In about one minute it will be gone too.

Thanks Nurul, for your generosity and sharing!


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