Cheryl Marie Cordeiro, early spring 2009 in shades of white

In shades of white in early spring, against a clear blue sky.
Pictures taken for Bengt Enrique at I LVOE LV

It’s when you meet clear blue skies in the still biting cold of winter that you know spring’s along its way now. The temperatures will continue to pendulate between plus and minus degrees but the sunlight is showing itself more these days, with the days getting longer. A change in season is what I’m looking forward to and one that I welcome.

On my way out, I carry with me two Louis Vuitton bags from the Murakami multicolore collection, the Keepall and the Petite Noé.

Louis Vuitton petite noé, multicolore Murakami in white

A multicolore petite noé in Murakami white, by Louis Vuitton.

It’s a curiosity to me that this bag is labelled ‘petite’ because it doesn’t lack room of any sort. In fact, I often find this bag rather large. But alright, comparing it to the other Noé bags from the Epi line, this Murakami multicolore in white would be smaller.

Louis Vuitton Murakami multicolore keepall

This picture was taken indoors, specially for Bengt Enrique of I LVOE LV, in a LVOE Letter to Bengt! Bengt’s website is a superb resource for all things Louis Vuitton!

This Multicolore Keepall comes in handy for weekends or overnight stays. Very roomy for things you wish to simply throw in and carry along with you on your escapade. It isn’t only the happy colour prints of the monogram logo that brightens my mood whenever I look at these bags but the gold studs lend a little edge to their design, rendering a cute rebellious vibe which is oh so Japanese!

In the first picture, I am wearing a cream coloured turtle neck knit sweater from Vero Moda in Sweden. I believe that brand name has some new owners now. The beige patent leather belt I instantly fell in love with when I saw it at L.K. Bennett in London. A pair of white jeans from Asos and a pair of cognac suede Louis Vuitton ballerinas. The head wrap is a white gingham scarf, one of many gifts from my parents. The gold wrap around bracelet is a gift from my brother, several years ago.

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