Floral dress, Cubus. Black weave belt, Cubus. Sunglasses, Christian Dior. Chanel 2.55 bag in straw. Seashell ear hoops.

It isn’t always that one gets a chance to don chiffon dresses in Sweden, even in summer. But this year’s warm summer allows for some light, romantic dresses in sheer fabrics. The florals on black dress on is from Cubus and is possibly inspired by the florals of Dolce & Gabbana s/s 2008. H&M also carries some D&G inspired mini ruffled, tiered skirts with florals on black (or cream) this spring / summer season in light chiffon material. The black weave belt is also from Cubus.

It’s often a strange experience walking through Cubus since their target market is fairly young, say, teens to early twenties. So you get a good selection of rock and punk clothing together with very bright colours (think roaring ’80s) catered to those more comfortable in candy green and neons. But I often remember the words of a good friend of mine, exasperated at my rapid style of shopping, she said, “Take your time and look through everything! Every hanger!” Since then, I’ve tried to put those words into practice and have tried shopping, in a more ‘female’ manner?

Well, with those words in mind, I walked into Cubus, a shop that I considered ‘too young’ in style and serendipitously found the outfit you see in the picture above.

The main accessory for that outfit and one that is perfect to the summer heat is the Chanel Classic 2.55 in straw. This bag comes with the Mademoiselle interlocking Cs clasp and is fantastic in its craftsmanship, with the straw so finely woven, it presents itself like thick, heavy linen in a matte gold. The stitching is pristine meticulous and the lines are unsullied from flap to body. Leather lined on the inside, this bag is spacious enough to fit a foldable umbrella and A4 documents or magazines. The golden hardware on the chained shoulder straps adds that touch of glam to most outfits.

Pristine workmanship on the Chanel 2.55 in woven straw. The interlocking Cs logo sits neatly in a triangle under the flap. Leather lined on the inside with golden hardware.

An alternative to leather or canvas bags, straw bags are a staple in the summer because they tend to keep away perspiration stains from warm palms and sweaty bodies.

Other accessories to the outfit above are a pair of sunglasses by Christian Dior and a pair of sea-shell earrings in a golden hue.


A full length picture of the outfit:

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