My current muse – these Chloé horn cone heel booties.

I wasn’t particularly attracted to these horn cone heeled designs on Chloé shoes when they first came out for the autumn / winter collection. I thought them clumsy looking from the side profile and utterly unflattering to the silhouette. But as with everything else, what items that appear in the designer houses filter out and become naturalized / normalized after awhile; new shapes and designs become more attractive. Today, I find that the shape of the horn cone heel from Chloé has grown on me.

Turn the shoe around and the heel looks elegantly sleek from behind! The design blew me over and won my heart hands down. It’s details like these, with a combination of old and new in design that attract my attention. The shape of the heels from the side are frontier pushing yet the back of the heel keeps a traditional point of view on what’s sleek, elegant and complementary to the female silhouette.

The closed toe variant of the Mary Jane in this bootie lies on the conservative side, but I’m loving it for its versatility. It’s a shoe that can be dressed up or down and one that works as good in the office as at an after work dinner.

Casual or formal, it’s up to the wearer to decide. In my view, these booties wear well either way.

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