Freezing cold! Things you do for fashion!

Dark tartans give me the impression of a mellow festive feeling, a feeling of comfort. I’m quite a fan of Karen Millen because the cutting of the clothes seem to fit nicely on my frame. Well perhaps not all items would sit well on my frame, but most do and that’s enough to keep me going back to the shop.

The scarf kept me surpringly warm. And in a few months, this dress would be perfect outdoors, sans scarf.

On this dress is a V-neck in front with black folded pleat details around the neckline and hemline. I have on a red scarf from H&M that contrasts with a pair of quite dazzling green chandelier earrings. The fur hat is vintage, the wool grey tights are from Lindex in Sweden and the black suede boots are from Giuseppe Zanotti, from Italy.

A Postcard from our garden. The snow is finally melting away and fails miserably to stay on the crisp needles of our garden juniper.

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