In celebration of Love – a no fuss sponge cake filled with our favourite fruits!

We thought that one of the best ways to celebrate and enjoy an uncluttered St. Valentine’s Day without the all too commercialized menus at restaurants, was to sit back and enjoy this wonderfully soft and romantic cake that’s just bursting with all our favourite fruits.

This is one of my favourite cakes to put together that uses sponge cake layers bought off the shelf at the grocery stores in Sweden. A tried and tested version that actually won a school competition for ‘best tasting cake’ in a cake-making competition is raspberry jam and fresh mashed bananas between the sponge cake layers. The competition cake was topped with whipped cream and fresh strawberries for decoration.

Spread on the sponge cake is this cherry jam from Den Gamle Fabrik.

We made this cake here with fresh mashed bananas and cherry jam instead of raspberry jam, because cherry jam happens to be one of my favourite types of jam. This one from the Danish brand Den Gamle Fabrik which means ‘the old factory’ or the ‘traditional factory’, has a very good range of jams that are filled with chunks of fruit. I haven’t tasted such delicious strawberry jam as the one from Den Gamle Fabrik since I visited a strawberry farm in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia when I was a girl.

Whipped cream to cover the entire cake, before decorating.

Once the cake layers were filled with bananas and cherry jam, we covered it with whipped cream. Ripe, red raspberries were used as decoration today since that’s what the local grocer brought in.

Far friendlier and less tumultous than roses are these 40 vermillion tulip buds with yellow edges, sitting pretty in their vase, waiting to bloom.

A wonderful Valentine’s Day to all! Enjoy!

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