At Långedrag, Saltholmen, with a view towards the Gothenburg southern archipelago, Swedish west coast, Sweden.

Text & Photo © CM Cordeiro & JE Nilsson 2021

Over the weekend, the seas had moderately high waves, but the west coast of Sweden had generally clear skies. The combination of high water and good sun made it perfect sailing weather for children who were attending a sailing course at the Royal Gothenburg Yacht Club (GKSS) to go out to sea. Their small sailing boats bobbing on the ocean horizon was an exciting view to observe.

The ferries at the Saltholmen ferry terminal leave once every hour to the southern archipelago of Gothenburg, so we had time to spend for coffee whilst waiting for the upcoming ferry to Styrsö. We decided for coffee at Långedrag Värdshus, which is around the corner from the ferry terminal at Saltholmen and close to the grounds of GKSS.

We arrived slightly after lunch hour, so the buzz of the weekend crowd was mellow and comfortable. Stepping into Långedrag Värdshus, with its veranda seating seaward facing, we looked over their weekend menu special.

There were a few late lunch guests at the restaurant, and the dishes coming out of the kitchen to be served looked very inviting. The weekend menu offered a choice between a light butter seared Atlantic cod fillet, or Wienerschnitzel served with ramslökssmör. We couldn’t resist the lunch offering, and our ‘just coffee’ turned into a full fledged meal order with the choice of Wienerschnitzel served with ramslökssmör, an aromatic butter made with chopped chives and lemon juice.

The late lunch was perfect. With a seaview to contemplate and a languid surrounding atmosphere, there was little problem with taking the next-next boat out to Styrsö.

In the background, an ongoing weekend sailing course for children under 16 was in progress, organized by The Royal Gothenburg Yacht Club (GKSS).

Lunch was served with a bread basket of mixed breads, and whipped butter.

Weekend menu, Wienerschnitzel served with ramslökssmör. Ramslökssmör is an aromatic butter made with chopped chives and lemon juice.