One of my favourite raw goat cheeses from France, the Chèvre Figue à la Rose.
At Hugo Ericson Ost, Stora Saluhallen, Gothenburg.

Text & Photo © CM Cordeiro & JE Nilsson 2021

In Paris in 2016 I found myself exploring the shops along Rue de Grenelle. Here, in between Musée d’Orsay and Musée Rodin is one of Paris’ many culinary gems, the Barthélemy cheese boutique. This shop carried more than 200 varieties of unique, hand crafted French cheeses. Stepping out of that compact and cozy shop, I had in hand, two Chèvre Figue à la Rose. This goat’s cheese is made from unpasteurised milk. Crafted in the shape of a fig as it contains a fig within, this cheese is produced in the French region of Provence. The two I bought in Paris, I had those for breakfast the next morning, and fell in love with that cheese since.

Imagine my delight when I reconciled in sight, with some Chèvre Figue à la Rose sitting pretty at Hugo Ericson Ost in Stora Saluhallen in Gothenburg, Sweden. Hugo Ericson Ost has long been a favourite cheese shop of mine to buy from, the people behind the counter are friendly and knowledgeable about their products.

This weekend, they even had some Rove des Garrigues. The Rove des Garrigues is a seasonal cheese, small and neatly packaged in 80 grams each. This cheese comes from the Mediterranean region towards Provence, and have distinct hints of the thyme and rosemary herbs that grow in the pastures of Provence.

Cafés with outdoor seating at Stora Saluhallen in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Hugo Ericson Ost at Stora Saluhallen, Gothenburg.

Waiting in a numbered queue.

A total fan of the Chèvre Figue à la Rose.

Chèvre Figue à la Rose.

This weekend, they had some Le Rove des Garrigues. I first encountered this Rove goat cheese in Paris in 2016 at the Barthélemy cheese boutique. The free roaming Rove goat is a rare breed that produces less milk than other goat breeds. This seasonally available cheese is fudgy, dense, with distinct hints of thyme and rosemary.