At Palais de Justice à Nice, France, with a double scoop serving of chocolat noir and pistache from oui jelato!
Text & Photo © JE Nilsson, CM Cordeiro 2018

The last time I had gelato was at the Gothenburg annual culinary food fair, Passion för Mat 2018 held at Erikbergshallen in early March. I went back for seconds after an initial double scoop serving. If I had any deep preference for anything, it would be gelato over ice-cream. After an evening’s walkabout in the older part of the city of Nice, I was filled with glee that gelaterias were established in about a third (if not half) of the places designated for food and beverage. The abundance of crème glacée establishments set my culinary agenda for the next few days. As with my visit to Naples 2016, the mission is to gelato through the day.

My first stop was at oui jelato! located at a corner of the Palais de Justice, at 5, Rue de la Préfecture, Nice. The first round of serving usually covers my favourite flavours, dark chocolate and pistachio. Second round servings would cover novel flavours at the counter. If there is room leftover, I might wander on to some designated real food.

A favourite combination – chocolat noir et pistache.