Aerial view incoming into Tromsø, Norway. Inspiringly beautiful.
Text & Photo © JE Nilsson, CM Cordeiro 2018

A Bombardier Dash-8 turbo-prop aircraft.

View from Tromsø airport.

Rekesmørbrød. Much like the food fare found along the Swedish west coast.

View from the grounds of the world’s northern most university, the University of Tromsø – The Arctic University of Norway (UiT).

In view, an MSC cruise liner.

A KORO – Public Art Norway, art installation entitled, Dis-position by Stian Ådlandsvik , Lutz-Rainer Müller (2015) at the New Technology building at UiT.

Walk the grounds of the science and engineering faculty of the University of Tromsø – The Arctic University of Norway (UiT) and you’ll come across this street lamp installation. It’s a public art display by KORO (Kunst i Offentlige Rom / Public Art Noway) containing 10 street lamps, each acquired from different port and harbour cities around the globe that include Chicago, Singapore and Tokyo. The street lamps are installed at right angles to their place of origin. The idea is to give the viewer a sense of perspective of their geographical location. The street lamps are each programmed to be lit during the hours of darkness at its city of origin, which makes for a 24 hour light display [1].

At the engineering faculty of UiT. The New Technology Building accommodates teaching and research in fields such as space physics, geophysics, data analysis, sensor technology, energy and climate studies, safety technology, aviation, and marine engineering. From a viewer standing in Tromsø, the angle of these tulips that stand adjacent to the streetlamp display, seem just about right, thus confirming their (and the viewer’s) geographical location.

[1] KORO (2015). UiT The Arctic University of Norway – New Technology Building, KORO. Internet resource at Retrieved 16 Jun. 2018.