Under the Swedish westcoast sun, with Cat.
Text & Photo © JE Nilsson, CM Cordeiro 2018

The winters in Sweden can be long and cold, so for those who are visiting Sweden, what might come as unexpected are the very warm Swedish summers. With low cloud cover and low humidity levels, I think a quintessential equatorial method of keeping cool might help – a broad hat, broad UVA/UVB 50 SPF coverage, and a furry Cat?

The hues of colour found in these pictures are a warm gold tone, reflecting of the summer’s evening sunlight along the Swedish west coast. They remind me of a set of pictures taken with the first house cat, who was a mix of Norwegian forest cat, in 2012 on 25 July. The two house cats are most likely related across different generations. The second house cat we’ve found to be playful and carefree in a manner that the first house cat could never afford. One thing in common that both house cats have, is enjoying the warm summer days.

The second house cat. He has stunning green eyes, is an excellent tree climber, and is probably related to a racoon somewhere up the family tree.

In warm floral.

And he was soon off for his garden adventures after this picture was taken.