• Yellow felt wool coat, Gare de Robe, style by Gunilla Stolpe
  • Wool scarf, Swedish label
  • Black skinny jeans, Baxter
  • Gold peep toe heels, Ellie
  • Epi leather Gobelins backpack, Louis Vuitton

I actually met with Gunilla Stolpe when I was at her shop browsing. I really had no intention on purchasing a short coat, but I spoke to her some about her inspirations, her designs and she explained to me in great detail, how she made this yellow coat – which is what sold me the coat and of course, her pleasant personality.

I call it an Easter-coat, because of the yellow and this particular yellow is strongly associated with Easter in Sweden (perhaps other countries too where they celebrate Easter). There was one in a dark brown but I figured I haven’t got anything yellow in my wardrobe. Or very few yellow coloured items in my wardrobe, so why not brighten it up with this?

Apart from its colour which cheers me up just by looking at it, it’s warm without adding too much bulk on the frame. There is actually a matching ribbon belt to it which is not featured in the picture above.

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