By the fireplace in the main hall of Tjolöholm Castle for this year’s Christmas table sitting, in Halland, Sweden 2022.
Text & Photo © CM Cordeiro & JE Nilsson 2022

Tjolöholm Slott, video compilation.

It began to thaw a little in the west coast of Sweden about a week before Christmas. But it’s always a pleasure to walk the expansive grounds of Tjolöholm Castle, witnessing the last gold rays of the sun dive below horizon.

Tjolöholm is a mansion in Halland, Sweden. It’s located on a peninsula in the Kungsbacka Fjord on the Kattegat coast. The Tjolöholm estate was bought in 1892 by James Fredrik Dickson (1844-1898), who was the son of James Jameson Dickson (1815–1885), founder of the Swedish shipping company, James Dickson & Co. The mansion was constructed between 1898 and 1904, and designed by architect Lars Israel Wahlman in a style inspired by Tudor architecture. The first known mention of Tjolöholm however, was in 1231, under the name Thiulfö. It then belonged to King Valdemar Sejr in Denmark.

A tall and beautiful pine tree stands as yuletide greeting to visitors and guests to the castle. This view was complimented with a welcome drink of glögg, a warmly spiced wine with raisins and almonds.