A winter’s sunrise along the Swedish west coast, Gothenburg, Sweden.
Text & Photo © JE Nilsson & CM Cordeiro 2018

Out at the Gothenburg southern archipelago, it seemed a perfectly mundane winter’s morning, albeit a little warm hovering between 5 to 6 degrees celcius. The big family gatherings on 24 and 25 Dec. is done, the quayside this morning was parked full of shopper bags and luggages of varying sizes, with varying goods belonging to individuals moving between points of interest. Christmas was warm and cozy, now it’s time to prepare for a sparkly new year’s!

Even on this warm winter’s day, a light, tight layer of frost covers the ground and the metal hand rails that lead up to the quayside. After two minutes of standing in the waiting area for the ferry, Silvertärnan glides effortlessly into view. Having spent sixteen years hopping between the Swedish west coast southern archipelago and the city of Gothenburg, I would have most expected myself to tire of this view, of this routine, of this one more winter’s morn. But, no, nature and contextual events would allow none of that. Silvertärnan’s arrival to quayside coincided nicely with the sun peeking above the silhouette of boulders located at the guest harbour at Styrsö Bratten. In the minute that it took for the ferry to dock and let on its city bound passengers, the rays of the sun spilled over the tops of the boulders as liquid gold ran in light rays down the shadowed sides of the rocks.

Knowing how different sunlight is received around the globe depending on geolocation, at this very instant in time, I could not help but smile. It was indeed a mundane winter’s morning at Styrsö.