A large Thai Buddhist temple deer figure, unintuitively but charmingly adorns a table at the restaurant in Tallhöjdens Hotell, Simlångsdalen, south Sweden.
Text & Photo © CM Cordeiro & JE Nilsson 2021

About 14 km east of Halmstad, in Simlångsdalen, there’s Tallhöjdens Hotell. We found the hotel when taking the E6 at exit 44. We did a little roadtrip between Gothenburg and south of Sweden, and were driving towards Växjö at the time. Although we were not too long on the road, a little over an hour, our morning coffee was beckoning, and we could not resist turning off the road into the inviting hotel parking lot in the early hours of the morning.

Unsure if it was open, we wandered in. What struck us about the hotel was its dark wood distinct interiors, decorated with items found in Southeast-Asia, and Scandinavia. These cozy interiors of antique wood panels adorned with wood and metal sculptures, led up to the hotel’s restaurant. We met with Lotta Ericsson, who gave us a warm reception. She informed us that the restaurant was indeed open and made some coffee recommendations. Our coffee arrived at our table with complementary cookies.

While Tallhöjden Hotel made the prefect stopover for us on our road trip between Gothenburg and Kosta, the hotel has several exciting getaway packages for exploring southern Sweden. Located close to the Nature Reserve in Halland, Danska Fall Naturreservat, guests can live comfortably in the spacious log houses and enjoy Halland culinary specialties in combination with daytime hikes, fishing, canoeing and biking. Take advantage too, of the hotel’s sauna while you’re there. The sauna is located in its own log house close to the swimming pool. This sauna is particularly available during the winter months, unless it completely snows over in southern Sweden. And coffee is perfect here, year round.

Breakfast buffet table.