This chocolate pudding was made using the hard boiled eggs recipe by Maria Emmerich.
Text & Photo © CM Cordeiro & JE Nilsson 2021

Chocolate anything is my go-to dessert. I particularly love chocolate mousse for its light texture, and depending on mood, I’d go for its denser variation, chocolate pudding.

In the past months, I’ve had the opportunity and pleasure of using various recipes and methods in making chocolate pudding. One of the most convenient methods of making chocolate pudding is using whole hard boiled eggs, the Maria Emmerich way. If I have time to spend in the mornings, I sometimes like to go with the stirring over the stove method. I make a thick custard out of melted dark chocolate (above 70% cocoa content), some water, four egg yolks, salt and a teaspoon of honey, before pouring them out into ramekins and letting them set in the refrigerator. Either ways, you can get pretty decadent chocolate pudding about four hours later.

Morning sunlight filtering through the kitchen window.