At Styrsö Uttervik, a seaside bathing spot well-liked by both locals and visitors to the Swedish west coast during the summer months.
Text & Photo © JE Nilsson, CM Cordeiro 2017

There are a number of seaside bathing spots to go to when visiting the harbour city of Gothenburg. Some of the most scenic of swim areas can be found at the southern archipelago islands of Gothenburg, along the Swedish west coast. Styrsö Uttervik, located at the island of Styrsö is one of them.

Boating is one of Sweden’s favourite things-to-do in the summer. The islands here offer plenty of guest harbours, fully equipped with public utilities. For the more adventurous of souls who would rather not have a hotel boating experience, the waters around here can be found in a combination of open and sheltered areas. This makes a Bear Grylls-ish boat anchoring for an overnight stay fairly comfortable if you find a cozy inlet between some high boulders that can provide shelter from the Nordic summer winds. Food and drink on these islands come in a variety of ways, from café bars and restaurants to Sweden’s standard grocery stores such as ICA and COOP. Other than some favourite food and drink, it is only to bring a portable barbeque pit, and a warm blanket for the long winter nights that would make a getaway to these islands a summer’s dream vacation.