Prada’s perfect pair of the modern Audrey Hepburn skimmers!

To me fashion is always about exploration, finding your own style and daring to try something new.

Just two years ago, I would never have considered wearing a pair of pointed skimmers, let alone patent leather pointed skimmers. I think the last time I donned a pair of patent shoes was when I was three years old and I remember they often got nicked on the first day of wearing which ruins them for wearing again. Pointed shoes, from the ones I have tried on over the years, were highly uncomfortable. I found myself having to cram my toes into the front of the shoes and it was sheer torture to walk around in them, even for a few hours.

Then there’s personal style, I have thus far favoured dolly styled shoes with rounded toes, that made feet generally look smaller, daintier and softer. Pointed toes, gave me the impression of directed aggression and larger feet.

But I think it was the design and production of the Marc Jacobs Mouse shoes that got me thinking about pointed skimmers.


Stamped leather Mouse shoes by Marc Jacobs

I tried on a pair of these Mouse shoes in the stores just for the fun of it, thinking they would of course never look nice on my feet. But to my surprise, they looked seriously cute with the cut outs and the bow over the front. I peered at my feet in the store mirror – left, right and then left again – and no, my feet didn’t look all that much larger than I thought they would. From the try on, I thought that my toes weren’t cramped either.

And there, I realized why the shoes made cult status!

I made no purchase of the Marc Jacobs shoes then but since then, the Mouse shoes have been on my mind. I then read that the Mouse shoes sold so well that Marc Jacobs decided to produce this as a tongue-in-cheek acknowledgment of sales well done.


Marc Jacobs’ more literal take on the Mouse shoes

After countless of Audrey Hepburn movies and observing her sense of style, I figured I wanted a pair of skimmers that were sleek, smart and could bring me from casual to elegant, if need be.

Well, I think I found them!


To each their own when it comes to what appeals and JE wasn’t all too convinced about these skimmers. He thought the shoes made me look as sexy as a bookstand.

Admittedly, these Pradas don’t possess the dolly cute appeal as the Marc Jacobs Mouse shoes. They have a different personality, leaning on sleek and sophisticated looking – as I wanted them – and most important, they are truly comfortable without the pinching of the toes in the front.

Prada and Miu Miu shoes are cut rather generously, a feature that draws me back to wearing their shoes, and I appreciate their quality and the type of leather / materials used in the making of their patent shoe designs. I could well do plenty of Christmas shopping rounds in these!

And heck, I think these are the sexiest pair of skimmers I’ve had on, ever!

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