Nibbling the Big Apple V

A pair of Prada boots from their Runway, RTW S/S 2008 collection.

I couldn’t help but bound into Prada along 5th Ave after spotting it from across the street. Their Spring 2008 collection on the Runway seemed interestingly creative this time around, with inspirations from the 60s and 70s, woven into swirls of fairy mystic. The cut out boots I was trying on in the picture above, are quintessential in exhibiting the spirit Prada in Spring 2008. It’s also one of the more wearable of shoes and boots this season from Prada, without looking too much of a fruit cake.

Spring 2008 Ready-to-Wear. Prada – Runway. Photo Left by Marcio Madeira. Photo Right by Don Ashby and Olivier Claisse.

I figure with the right outfit, these boots can bring you home in terms of outfit of the day.

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