Spending time product browsing at Beriksson’s foodstall, at Passion för Mat 2018, 2 to 4 March, Erikbergshallen, Gothenburg.
Text & Photo © JE Nilsson, CM Cordeiro 2018

I met Benny Eriksson, owner and founder of trading company Berikssson at Passion för Mat 2009 [1]. I was all over the Italian chocolate and candy imports, Cuneesi al liquore by Dulcioliva, not being able to carry home enough quantities to secure a full year’s supply to myself. Some things just don’t change. I came across Beriksson’s food stall at Passion för Mat 2018, and by far, this was my absolute favourite food stall to spend time product browsing, still not being able to carry home quantities enough for the upcoming year’s supply. The non-acquisition made more wanting by the sheer variety of chocolate bars that now span the globe in cacao sourcing and chocolate production.

Lifting my eyes from the display of chocolates and truffles, noticeable is the broader range of products that Beriksson now offers from when we last met in 2009. The company has grown its product portfolio, offering a variety of quality products that have won recognition in their own business sector circles, from artisan sauce production to premier chocolate manufactures. What Passion för Mat 2018 offers is an efficient platform for customers to meet with and speak with the Beriksson team, who are more than happy to share knowledge on the various delectable offerings.

Ppura, award winning Italian olive oils. Ppura is ecological conscious in its business model, its packaging consists largely of biodegradable materials. Ppura works with organic farming in the regions of Liguria, Umbria, Lazio, Sicily and Apulia and whose products can be found at Beriksson, Sweden.

Magnus Wahlund, explaining the product range of Beriksson.

Sauce Shop sauces from UK craft sauce producer that use no thickening agents or stabilisers in thier bottled sauces. Based in Nottingham, they took home up to 6 Great Taste Awards, 5 in 2017 alone. Their award winning sauces include South Carolina BBQ Sauce, Smoky Chipotle Ketchup, Lime & Coriander Sauce, Green Sriracha, and Really Hot Sauce.

An award winning chocolate bar by Rococo Chocolates, Sea Salt Almond & Rosemary. It is organic milk chocolate with sea salt from Wales, almond and rosemary. This chocolate won silver at the Academy of Chocolate Awards 2013 competition. Rococo Chocolates was founded in March 1983 by Chantal Coady. A graduate in Textile Design of the Camberwell School of Art & Crafts, she went on to do an MSc in Small Business and opened her first shop in King’s Road, Chelsea, London. Chantal Coady and Rococo Chocolates have been recognized by the Academy of Chocolate in 2008 for re-perspectivising how people experienced chocolate.

Cranmary (dark chocolate with gin, cranberry and rosemary), is a new product by Finnish company Goodio. Goodio was founded by Jukka Peltola. The distinctive feature of Goodio comes from organic cocoa mixed with Nordic flavours such as wild blueberries, sea urchins and licorice. The ingredients to Cranmary is stoneground in Helsinki.

Kallari is the name of the cooperative formed to bring chocolate bars made by the Quichua people who live on an island in Napo Valley, Ecuador’s Amazonian rainforest.[2]

La Perla di Torino chocolate truffles. Pure decadence, wrapped.

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