Nordic julstämning in November, 2020.
Text & Photo © CM Cordeiro & JE Nilsson 2020

I walked into the stores just about end of October and saw a curious sight of a juxtaposition of Halloween and Christmas decorations. At the meat counters, Christmas sausages and pâte were out for the buying, right after you´ve walked past the large orange pumpkins at the fresh vegetables counter for the Jack-o’-Lantern carvings.

So it seemed a little bit of a close call for festive seasons in the Nordic region when Christmas threatened for a minute or two to swallow up Halloween. But on second thought, in Sleepy Hollow spirit, I don´t think Halloween would mind it at all.

The weekend of Halloween passed and a feeling of jultide has settled in the markets and shops here in Northern Europe, the period of Christmas shopping has extended with all intention for people to keep merry apart at the markets.

Personally, I´d go with the Grinch´s ponderance about Christmas not coming from a store and marry the ideas of that (some) Christmas does indeed come from a store, the sight and smell of the Christmas market for example brings heart and joy, just that little bit more.