Niederegger Arkadencafé, Luebeck, Germany

The Niederegger Arkandencafé in Luebeck, Germany.
Photo © Jan-Erik Nilsson and Cheryl M. Cordeiro for CMC, 2009

The Niederegger Arkadencafé in Lübeck makes for the perfect place to sit, relax and soak in the impressions and history of this cozy town. The café itself has a long standing history, beginning in 1806, founded by Johann Georg Niederegger.

Niederegger Arkadencafé, Lübeck, Germany, Marketplace

A view of the Niederegger Arkadencafé, from the market square looking in.

The café is located right at the Markt or the market place, which is a large buzzing square lined with cobbled stones, next to the Town Hall. The market place itself is ancient in terms of existence and use, where excavations of the site as recently as in the 1990s showed that the square had been in continuous use since prehistoric times and might have even been considered a sacred place of worship in times before Christianity.

Niederegger Arkadencafé, Lübeck, Germany, Marketplace, pillar

History as it shows up on the pillars and walls of the arcade and market place.

The buildings surrounding the square feature architectural designs from eras gone by, the copper roofs, concrete pillars and bricks all marked by moving in history, through time.

Niederegger Arkadencafé, Lübeck, Germany, Marketplace, inside out

The outdoor section of the café that faces the market square.

Our visit to Lübeck coincided with the Harley Davidson weekend in the small town, so the café was filled with people waiting in anticipation for the Harley concert that was to begin at about 6 pm that evening, in the square.