Niederegger Arkadencafé, Lübeck, Germany, arched interiors

Tall arched interiors of the café remind you of its history, as you enjoy your cup of coffee and dessert.

What struck me most about the Niederegger café was its high columned arched interiors that constantly reminded you of its history, as you now and then, casually lay back in your seat, peering up into the ceiling. There was a calmness and serenity in the interior of the place, despite the hectic movements of the waiters and waitresses, with the red and soft cream of the chairs bringing some complementary highlights of colour to the grey pillars and floors.

Niederegger Arkadencafé, Luebeck, Germany, food

Selection of food in the café.

The Niederegger Arkadencafé boasts a comprehensive website with an online store that sells a selection of their confected marzipan and chocolates, and their own training courses for staff.

Niederegger Arkadencafé, Lübeck, Germany, umbrella

Under the parasol, outdoors.

The menu of the café is quite encompassing in light appetizers such as salads, cold sandwiches and a selection of quiches. I had my eyes on the range of cakes (also shown online) available in the café, with a toss between a slice of the Grand Marnier cake or their Fürst Pückler cake, the latter being one that is soaked in rum and chocolate covered! Simply irresistable!

Niederegger Arkadencafé, Lübeck, Germany, coffee

Coffee by the marketplace.

The café is open from 8 am in the morning to 9 pm at night, and 10 pm if it’s a Saturday night. On Sundays, they open from 10 am to 9 pm at night.

All in all, a relaxing and heart warming experience to just sit, have coffee and a slice of your choice cake. If you haven’t got a clue about which places to explore first in Lübeck, then the Niederegger would be an excellent place to settle for a while, where you can plan the rest of your day’s activities in one of the most ancient spots in town.