London guards

London Guards
Photo for CMC © Kevin D. Cordeiro 2009

I was about seventeen the first time I visited London, and even then, the one distinguishing colour that, from then on, brought associations for me about the city was red.

It seemed a distinct, just a hint, darker shade of fire engine red that echoed throughout the city, whether on the uniforms of the Guards, or at bus-stops, the Underground, restaurants and pubs…

London double decker bus, Kevin Dominic Cordeiro Photography

London pub and restaurant, Kevin Dominic Cordeiro Photography

London sign Blackfriars Bridge, Kevin Dominic Cordeiro photography

London, Portobellow Road, Kevin Dominic Cordeiro Photography

Big Ben London by night, Kevin Dominic Cordeiro Photography

By night.

A vibrant red that for me, has become the heartbeat of the city, a reminder of the day gone by and a reassurance for the day to come, of knowing that the city though quieter by night, is only in temporary slumber.

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