The interior of the catholic Schönenberg Church in all its baroque glory. The lengthy and massive carpted aisle to the altar greets both faithfuls and visitors alike upon entering the church.
Photo for CMC by Kevin D. Cordeiro © Singapore 2009. Portfolio at Kevin’s portfolio includes weddings, fashion shows and portraits

In this previous post, Kevin took you on a photographic tour of the outside of the Schönenberg Church in Ellwangen, Germany. In this post, he’ll take you through a photographic journey inside the baroque Catholic Church.

From the website:

The most beautiful Baroque piece of architecture in Ellwangen is a work by architect Michael Vorarlberger Thumb, who worked under the direction of the Jesuit Henry Mayer in Schönenberg 1682 – 1695. Thumb’s design had great influence in many churches, especially in Upper Swabia)

The Sanctuary, named “Our Lady” was built after the fire of 1709 and consecrated in 1729. The deserves special mention, as do the ornate stucco work and the odd chorus plant.

The Ground Floor

Castrorum Acies Ordinata, Mary in Battle.

Photo by Kevin D. Cordeiro

The Sanctus bells used during the consecration at mass.

In traditional Catholic practice, these altar bells are rung only at the Sanctus and at the elevation of both Species during mass. This brief euphony of bells that ring through the silence of this period during mass is an invite to the faithful to the act of adoration at the Consecreation. Such bells are used even in small chapels.

Photo by Kevin D. Cordeiro

Statues of golden haloed Saints in creamy white adorn both the interior of the church and the grounds on the outside of the church.

A massive and intricately made Nativity scene has been standing in the church for more than 100 years.

The Second Floor

Photo by Kevin D. Cordeiro

The Staircase

A staircase of wood, worn softly rounded by the steps of the faithful leads up to the second floor of this pilgrimage church.

Photo by Kevin D. Cordeiro

A view of the main aisle from the top.

The pipe organ

A Cherub

Muralled Arc

One of the numerous paintings adorning the walls of this church.

Photo by Kevin D. Cordeiro

On the second floor of the church, headed towards the staircase.

Back outdoors, on Church grounds

The Church: a stoned refuge for the soul

The humble yellow walled exterior of the church that leads to architectural genius.

A mathematical symphony of symmetry

A wintry postcard from the grounds of the Church, Ellwangen.

A view of Ellwangen from the Schönenberg Church.

As the Schönenberg Church sits atop a 530m climb, it offers quite a spectacular view of the town that is well known for its historical buildings.

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