In black and white, by Kevin Dominic Cordeiro, cortenography, Haus Schönenberg, Ellewengen, Germany

The compounds around Haus Schönenberg in Ellwangen, Germany.
Photo for CMC by Kevin D. Cordeiro © Singapore 2009

Haus Schönenberg is a charming hotel located in the small historic German town of Ellwangen that lies east of Baden-Württemburg. It’s a throw back in time in its architecture, standing next to the renowned pilgrimage church, Wallfahrtskirche.

By Kevin Dominic Cordeiro in black and white photography, Cortenography

While the hotel isn’t one that is too luxe, visitors will be won over by its rustic appeal. Those who love the outdoors and nature can explore the rather generous grounds of the place.

By Kevin Dominic Cordeiro of Cortenography, in black and white photography

Haus Schönenberg has a terrace and a winter garden where guests can dine ‘outdoors’ during winter. One can also enjoy a completely surreal experience of the place during winter when the snow turns the landscape a wintry white.

By Kevin Dominic Cordeiro, photography in black and white, Cortenography, wooden door

Photo is by Kevin Dominic Cordeiro, in black and white, photography, Cortenography

The hotel can be found at:

Haus Schönenberg
Schönenberg 40
73479 Ellwangen / Jagst

Telefon: 0 79 61 / 91 93-0
Telefax: 0 79 61 / 91 93-33

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