Jasper Conran ankle boots

A pair of strappy ankle shoe boots with cone shaped heels by UK designer, Jasper Conran.
Photo for CMC by: Jan-Erik Nilsson © 2009.

I’m absolutely in love with cone shaped heels at the moment! I find Rodarte’s and Lanvin’s renditions of the cone shaped heel from 2008 sexiest! Chloé’s are elegant in shape and form, and in this post, you see Jasper Conran’s chunkier rendition of the cone shaped heel.

Shoe boots by Jasper Conran

These shoe boots from Jasper Conran are made in antiqued leather with a softly rounded toe and brass details on loose fitting straps around the tops. The strappy design is a nod to Chloé’s strappy and wrapped boots design from previous seasons, and Conran’s loosely draped straps at the top of the booties, make them good for a casual or dress down day.

Shoe boots, booties by Jasper Conran

These heels measure about 10 – 11 cm high, but their chunkier design from Jasper Conran makes it easier to navigate through the numerous cobbled streets in the city when wearing these, and you needn’t worry about your heels getting caught in the ground now and then.

Strappy ankle boots by Jasper Conran

Short zippers run along the insides of the boots, but the sizing to these boots are generous and I could kick them off without unzipping them actually! So this makes them good to wear with thick thermal socks during the winter, and they could be worn as is during the warmer spring / summer days.

Cone shaped heels by Jasper Conran

For those who love cone shaped heels and all shoes seen on the runway this Spring 2009, Project Runway winner, Christian Siriano will be bringing a line of chic looking shoes to Payless in the USA in the autumn of 2009. Siriano’s move towards producing cheaper chic looking shoes is because he wants to reach out to his large and mostly young fan base.

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