Table setting in pinks and oranges

At the recent Passion för mat food fair 2009 at Eriksbergshallen in Gothenburg, inspirational table settings were presented, such as this layout in varying tones of pinks and oranges for the upcoming spring.
Photo for CMC by: Cheryl Marie Cordeiro © 2009.

The table setting at any party thrown, is an art in itself to pull off. Just as people’s anticipation and excitement can be heightened by looking at the invite card to any event, the table setting upon entering the scene of the event can set the very tone, mood and ambience of the party.

Table settings inspire the mood of the guests from the moment they arrive. They also tell people if you’re genuinely interested in hosting the party, in having guests over and if you’re genuinely all out for having a good time!

White table setting

A table setting in varying shades of white and contrast green.

The cold spell in Sweden will soon give way to warmer spring temperatures and the restaurants are already discussing and settling their outdoor seatings for the spring and summer seasons. In the next few months all through summer, more people will begin to eat outdoors and with Easter, May Day and graduation parties upcoming, there’ll be plenty of reasons for Swedes to throw parties all the way past Midsummer and Crayfish eating season!

Table setting of blues and purples.

A table setting with the colour theme of blue and purple.

These pictures here are some of the inspirational table settings we found during our visit to the recent Passion för mat (Passion for Food) food fair 2009 in Gothenburg, where festive colours of pinks, oranges, blues and purples were laid out on tables in the most inviting of settings. These table settings, with their distinct and vibrant colours, seemed to celebrate the garden parties that are often held during the spring and summer time.

Personally, I loved the vibrant pinks and oranges because of the energy the table setting exuded. The white table setting, I loved because white dishes are usually my choice preference for serving food in as it complements most, if not all kinds of food served. The blue table setting, I found interesting because while blue and white china are complementary to most foods, dark blue dessert glasses are a tad overwhelming for my taste and borders on suppressing my appetite. Still, blues and purples make a visually stunning scene when looked upon in its entirety.

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