Cheryl Marie Cordeiro, Salvatore Ferragamo

At the “Il Borro Wine Dinner with Salvatore Ferragamo”.
Salvatore Ferragamo and Cheryl Marie Cordeiro,
Ristorante Bologna, Marina Mandarin, Singapore.

Text & Photo © J. Lim and CM Cordeiro-Nilsson 2010

It was an evening of intrigue, to wine and dine in the combined master efforts of the Family Ferragamo, prior to this evening, better known to me for their craftsmanship in shoemaking than wine making, and Chef Carlo Marengoni of Ristorante Bologna at the Marina Mandarin in Singapore.

The evening’s conversation, despite the rounds of wines, revolved around the internationalisation of small niche businesses, such as the Il Borro portfolio of wines. And as I found out in conversation with both Salvatore Ferragamo and Franco Russo, who is the Sales and Marketing Director of Il Borro wines, the intention was to move towards an integrated experience of a luxury culinary tourism. Previously, wines were brought into dinner for just that specific context and event. Not much was explained about its background and where it came from, rather the focus was more on the wine making processes and the taste of it as set on the table. The aromas, flavours and tones were then strictly marked on a scorecard and the wine ranked according to the panel of diners that evening.

Today, there is an evolving sense of consciousness with regards to how wines can be more holistically introduced to wine and dine events such as this. It is not just the wines that are introduced but rather an entire style of living and travelling. It is this combination of niche knowledge areas, in wine making on specific soils, in the upkeep of traditions of a specific place (in this case, a village run and owned by the Family Ferragamo for decades) and it is in the selling of the experience of the country itself (in this case, the heart of Italy, Tuscany) that contributes to the exclusive experience of dining with Il Borro wines.

In this package of an emerging trend of luxury travels, visitors are invited to live on Ferragamo lands that are as rich in soil for the grapevines as they are in history. Visitors will be treated to wine tasting, dining on fine rustic Italian fare, spa for the body and villa living for the soul all set against the soft lush hills of Tuscany.

As I sat listening to their description of business trends and their vision for the Ferragamo empire of businesses, it is difficult to see how Il Borro’s wines might not just be that crowning cherry of the future of luxe culinary tourism for the Ferragamos.

Marina Mandarin, Singapore

Marina Mandarin, Singapore.

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Ristorante Bologna, Marina Mandarin, Singapore.

Il Borro, Salvatore Ferragamo

Franco Russo, Il Borro, Salvatore Ferragamo

Franco Russo, Il Borro Sales and Marketing Director, giving a presentation of the various Il Borro wines that accompany the evening’s menu prepared by Chef Carlo Marengoni of Ristorante Bologna at the Marina Mandarin in Singapore.

Cheryl Marie Cordeiro, Salvatore Ferragamo, Carlo Marengoni, Franco Russo

L-R: Chef Carlo Marengoni, Salvatore Ferragamo, Cheryl Marie Cordeiro, Franco Russo.

Il Borro, Ferragamo, Ristorante Bologna

Ravioli ripieni di ricotta e aroma di tartufo con la crema di parmigiano.
Ricotta truffles ravioli served with cream of parmesan cheese.
The Il Borro Pian Di Nova 2006 accompanied this dish.

Il Borro, Ferragamo, Ristorante Bologna

Ristorante Bologna

Gambas prawns served with diced capsicum, porcini and fresh thyme sauce.
This dish was accompanied by Il Borro Il Borro 2004.

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Jultide in the air, in Singapore.