Sangria, in Barcelona

Sangria along La Rambla… there can’t be a warmer hello than this, in Barcelona!
Photo: JE Nilsson and C M Cordeiro-Nilsson © 2011

It’s extremely warm in Barcelona, almost tropical though minus the high humidity.

Below, some pictures taken from La Rambla. Amidst running into the Swedish soccer team who are here in Barcelona for the weekend games, witnessing the protest in the main square and meeting people speaking languages from all corners of the world, you can settle down to a very large glass of Sangria and that favourite gelato, absorbing the central vibe of the city of Barcelona.

La Rambla, Barcelona, Spain

Buzz along La Rambla


The central walkway at La Rambla is lined by public waterfountains, one of the many pleasant features at the heart of the city.

Wax museum

La Rambla, building facade.

Sangria, Barcelona, Spain