Long, smooth and in the intense colour of the gem olivine – extra virgin olive oil from Marina Colonna of Italy, over fresh basil, Langherino and cherry tomatoes.
Text and Photo © JE Nilsson and CM Cordeiro 2012

The idea of a ‘fantastic meal’ often conjures images of a decadently large dish of warm, juicy cuts of meat with an appropriate full bodied red wine.

But take this plate of sun ripened cherry tomatoes laid with a generous slice of Langherino from Piedmont Italy, a cow and goat milk cheese that matures into a creamy softness. On top of the cheese in golden olivine, an award winning olive oil from Marina Colonna.

Interesting to some perhaps, would be the history of the Colonna Family and its 320 hectare estate at Bosco Pontoni that lies beside the azure Adriatic sea, where this olive oil is produced. Since the 1980s, more than 25,000 olive trees of over 25 varieties have been cultivated and grown in the Colonna estate.

Harvested, milled and bottled on site, the family’s innovative agricultural and production techniques together with the tacit knowledge of the region and local traditions mean that they now bring to the world some of the most fantastic olive oils.

A crush of black pepper and a sprinkling of sea salt over the plate and it’s just about ready to serve before the final pour of the oil from its unmistakable trademark “Amphora” bottle designed by Marina herself.

The bottles are inspired from an ancient piece of Etruscan glass found among the family’s historical treasures that date back to before the Roman Empire. These bottles with their oils bring to any dining experience not just exceptional taste but a touch of ancient history. It reminds us that what’s needed sometimes is not fantastical conjugations but just to go back to basics, back to your history and roots. No cooking needed.

A warm Thank You to Daniele of Il Molino, Gothenburg, who introduced us!

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