Cheryl Marie Cordeiro, Daniel Eliasson, xwine, Passion för Mat 2014

Daniel Eliasson,, with Cheryl Marie Cordeiro, at Passion för Mat 2014.
Text & Photo © JE Nilsson, CM Cordeiro 2014

In 2007 the rules of the game were changed when it came to importing and selling wine in Sweden. That year EU ruled in favour of the individual’s right to trade freely between Member States [1], and suddenly anyone could import their own wine without the Swedish governmental monopoly ‘Systembolaget’ having any say in what or from whom.

The Xwine company was founded almost immediately upon that. The idea is a simple one. Find unique vineyards in Italy and France, and offer their wines to friends and customers in Sweden.

Cheryl Marie Cordeiro, Daniel Eliasson, xwine, Passion för Mat 2014

Cheryl Marie Cordeiro, Daniel Eliasson, xwine, Passion för Mat 2014

Daniel, explaining the whereabouts from Italy and France they source their wines.

Daniel Eliasson, Susanne Alderling, Passion för Mat 2014

The company is small and very 2014 in how it approaches the idea to enjoy yourself in everything you do. For several years in a row, Susanne Alderling, who is the founder of her own headhunting and recruitment agency, accompanies Daniel Eliasson at the exhibit stall at the food fair.

The niche idea then was to buy directly from the vineyard and deliver the orders to the door of the customer. But it’s more than a door to door service that Xwine provides, their contribution is focused on the effort of connecting products and regions, in the spirit of age old merchantry.

IMG_3671a 598, Passion för Mat 2014

Fredrik Goldbeck-Löwe, xwine, Passion för Mat 2014

Fredrik Goldbeck-Löwe, founder and CEO of, explaining the concept to a customer.

“Basically, we like to help people, both with home delivery of quality wine and also to help specially selected small wineries enter the Swedish market.” ~ Fredrik Goldbeck-Löwe, founder and CEO of Xwine.

xwine, Passion för Mat 2014

In addition to home delivery of your wine, they offer unique accommodations on or close to the vineyards with which they collaborate. It’s the idea behind bridging the relations between customer and supplier, so that soon enough, you’ll have a network of friends. Besides, nothing beats enjoying a quiet drink right at the place where the wine’s been produced and maturing in flavour over the past decades. Product and cultural immersion in 360 degrees, to be shared in experience, preferably with someone you love.

“We are delighted to offer an opportunity to visit the farm, live in the area and experience the surroundings. We believe in personal contact with these small authentic farms and winemakers, which allows for the increasing enjoyment of wine. ” ~ Jörgen Krabbe, Vineyard Manager.

Well, I’ll raise my glass to that!

[1] European Commission Legal Service. C-170/04 Klas Rosengren and Others v Riksåklagaren, judgment of 5 June 2007. Internet resource at, retrieved 8 March 2014.