Arctic Circle (latitude of 66°33′47.3″ N) morning light in October 2018, an intense gemstone colour of orange spinel, Tromsø (69°40′58″N), Norway
Text & Photo © CM Cordeiro 2018

If weather was a significant fika topic in Sweden, the changing light reflected in the Arctic Circle through the seasons captures greater conversation interest over fredagskaffe sessions. These pictures were taken this morning at about 0725 hrs. I sit at Tromsø, staring at a morning sky that streaked an intense gemstone colour of orange spinel to the left over the mountains at Tomasjord. Moving the eyeline from left to right over Tromsdalen, the morning light turned an ametrine bi-colour, cleaving both mountain and ocean at an almost surreal perpendicular. Moving the eyeline further right towards Solligården, the morning light turned gradually into shades of pale amethyst.

Having been here for about four weeks, “How do you think you’ll take to the polar night season?” is a question I’ve been asked several times. Technically, the polar night season begins this year in Tromsø on November 28, but the mountain ranges mask its rays already by November 21. Next dawn begins on 21 Jan 2019. The answer is, I do not know, and I await to find out. It could well be that during those months, I take to making my cups of breakfast chocolate mousse between the twilight hours of 0900 – 1400h hrs on weekends. For the moment, waking up to a breathtaking gemstone spectrum of morning light such as this, is an Arctic Circle sui generis that I’m happy to be able to experience.

Dawn in spectrum ametrine, Tromsø, Norway.