In April snow, Tromsø, Northern Norway.
Text & Photo © JE Nilsson & CM Cordeiro 2020

From the pages of Ken Wilber´s One Taste [1]:

“As the Witness, I-I do not move through time, time moves through me. Just as clouds float through the sky, time floats through the open space of my primordial awareness, and I-I remain untouched by time and space and their complaints. Eternity does not mean living forever in time—a rather horrible notion—but living in the timeless moment, prior to time and its turmoils altogether. Likewise, infinity does not mean a really big space, it means completely spaceless. As the Witness, I-I am spaceless; as the Witness, I-I am timeless. I-I live in eternity and inhabit infinity, simply because the Witness is free of time and space. And that is why I can drink vodka in New York and get drunk in L.A.

So this morning I went jogging, and nothing moved at all, except the scenery in the movie of my life. (p.68)

I-I am not light, am not love, am not spirit, am not bliss. I-I am not bound, am not free, am not ignorant, am not liberated.

But this much can be said: where there is not this Emptiness, there is only suffering. (p.88)”

On my part, taking off your gloves, trying to get a steady shot so that the Witness, now firmly grounded in the Arctic spacetime with 8m/s winds in minus temperatures outdoors can be cold-painful. And no, I don´t think I can drink vodka in New York and get drunk in L.A. My Witness is not there yet. My grounded I-I is having trouble enough reading the ingredients label on cans of food at the grocery store.

[1] Wilber, K. (2000). One Taste: Daily Reflections on Integral Spirituality. Shambala, Boston and London.