Located on Hisingen island, Alchemisten Kaffebar & Kafé is a White Guide Café 2017 listing that is changing the urban landscape of the city of Gothenburg, Sweden. Address: Gustaf Dalénsgatan, 14, 417 23 Göteborg, Sweden.
Text & Photo © JE Nilsson, CM Cordeiro 2017

This cozy coffee bar that epitomises the concept of the Swedish fredags fika (Friday coffee) was opened in 2015 by Kristian Hedborg. Located in the green Kvillebäcken district on Hisingen island in Gothenburg, the name of the coffee bar and café, Alkemisten (The Alchemist) calls to mind the chemistry of all things natural and organic, the making of coffee being an art in itself. Striving to customise coffee by per cup and per customer, you could simply convey over the counter, the type of coffee aroma/s and taste you prefer, and the team behind the counter will work their magic for you.

This coffee bar to me, is an example not just of the human entrepreneurial spirit – to never give up on your dreams – but it is to do things differently as well. Nestled within the newly designed green urban spaces of the island of Hisingen, the presence of this café and what it serves is an application of new knowledge and new technology on an age old favourite go-to moment for Swedes, the fika session.

With the long awaited spring/summer season that is beginning to show in Sweden, this coupling of old and new, a renewal of ideas, of things done different, is more than a breath of fresh air. It is the spiral of life, of living in itself.

Chocolate almond croissants. In the background (left), the traditional Swedish cinnamon knots. Perfect.

Natalie Johansson, serving up some of the best coffee in Gothenburg, Sweden, specifically catered to the palate of, you.

Espresso, sans brevis. Alchemisten serves coffee that is 100% traceable to its origins.