Naturally everyone has their own shortlist of things to do when swinging by their hometown and when the opportunity arises. One of those pit stops on my list is to hit the pretty touristy Long Bar at the Singapore classic Raffles Hotel.

Settling for the classic Singapore Sling at the Long Bar, Raffles Hotel, Singapore.
Text and Photo © JE Nilsson, CM Cordeiro 2012

On the bar menu tody, a whole number of new ‘slings’
from which to choose.

In an effort towards improving the bar menu, today’s selection of slings are several, even if slightly oblivious to the fact that Singapore is tropical and situated at the equator, where we really don’t have seasons, but monsoon winds.

Maybe an Easterly and a Westerly Monsoon Sling would make more sense with a more exotic flavour to the name, and calling to mind the trade winds and the green blue seas of Southeast-Asia. However slings as such are a thing of the past and not that ‘Enoteca‘ inventive I still love the idea and indeed, surely they do fit the laid back tropical climate so well, as icons of the past.

Modern business in Asia today would call for something entirely different, maybe a postmodern deep frozen drink you could have on a stick while having meetings on-line or running between check in gates at the airport.

In good company, having fun with the generously provided un-shelled peanuts.

In a mock colonial manner, the peanut shells are supposed to be carelessly tossed onto the floor.

The dark traditional, woven and slightly worn rattan colours is a theme throughout the bar.
Louis Vuitton Chelsea Damier date code TH0051.

Another important feature of this very posh hotel is its open doors and windows, where the air cooling system are rows of suspended fans under the ceiling. Today birds are allowed to fly in as visiting guests, which is much more peaceful than roaming tigers of the early 1900s, of which one was actually shot on the premises in the early days of the establishment, the poor thing hiding under the billiard table.

On the list is of course too, to look for some comfortable wear in the shoe shop just across the street from Raffles Hotel, at Raffles City. If you are lucky enough to have your visit coincide with the Great Singapore Sale, its of course even better.

And in Robinsons at Raffles City, at the costume jewellery section, a peek into what is new at the counters, with a garnet red stone ring with intricate details down each shank of the ring catching my attention.