Åboulevard or ‘River’ Boulevard.
Åboulevard is one of the more scenic routes to bike or walk in central Copenhagen, Denmark.
A view from Åboulevard across Peblinge Lake.

Text & Photo © JE Nilsson, CM Cordeiro 2017

Most days are gelato days for me, regardless the country or season. After walking around much of central Copenhagen in the evenings for supper, it was still the gelati found at the little Italian shop right next door to the hotel at which I was housed that drew me back to their modest quarters. With walls lined with scenes from southern coastal Italy, it felt like sunshine to walk into the place, even at sundown.

I enquired after the man behind the counter as to the inspiration and process of making the pistachio and coffee double scoop gelato in cup that I had in hand. My curiousity was greeted with a broad smile. I was told that I was actually sitting in a pizzeria, with gelato only being served for the first time in this particular location. I stopped nose to gelato and looked up from the richly flavoured iced cream. I had been walking into this cozy place for a few days now, “A pizzeria? You specialize in pizzas?” My stupefied response was greeted with another broad smile and a nod of acknowledgement. All flavours of gelati that I tried thus far during my stay at Copenhagen at this shop was gorgeous, how was it possible that the expertise of this place was not in gelato making?

A pizza from Benvenuti Pizzeria, located at Åboulevard 31, 1960 Fredriksberg C, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Benvenuti Pizzeria is owned by Sebastian S. Durmaz who was born in Macedonia. He had a good friend from Sicily, Italy, who taught him the ropes of the trade and being somewhat of a serial entrepreneur, Sebastian and started and sold about seven pizzeria businesses. This location is special as it is the first time in offering gelato. The gelato is handmade, the recipe is Sebastian’s.

We went about ordering a pizza too. And yes, the pizza was well made. Set neatly aside on the counter are small rounds of pizza dough. Nicely soft and smooth to the eye, these handmade doughs were set aside for proofing. Each mound of dough seemed to have perfect texture. A plus on the menu in this shop is customized pizza – any topping of your choice, any way you like it, oven baked.

This tiny pizzeria gelateria is located along Åboulevard or River Boulevard in Copenhagen, a few hundred metres at the road’s intersection with Peblinge Lake towards the corner of the Lake Pavilion. Åboulevard is one of the most scenic walks in central Copenhagen, where in my view, any season of the year would make a perfect gelato day.

Sebastian S. Durmaz, owner of Benvenuti Pizzeria.

Cheryl Marie Cordeiro, speaking with Marie Birch, Benvenuti Pizzeria.

Pistachio and coffee gelato. The flavours are a match, just as is liquorice and tiramisù.

Lake Pavilion / Søpavillonen at Peblinge Lake.

There’s a community of birds and small animals you could meet when walking along the edges of Peblinge Lake.

Lake Pavilion / Søpavillonen at Peblinge Lake.